Wouldn't you rather speak English with anyone, anywhere?

Do you speak English with a lack of confidence and vocabulary making it difficult, frustrating, and uncomfortable to speak even in the easiest of situations?

Start speaking for pleasure

There is more to life than just the weather

As a former English teacher, I know the different benefits of learning English versus practicing English.
Learning English gives you the opportunity to understand how the language works and also allows you to theoretically apply it to certain situations.
Practicing English will give you the confidence to express yourself freely, even if your English is not perfect.
That's why I developed the Activation Method to help you improve your ability to communicate in English through practice.

My three-step Activation Method will get you speaking

without thinking twice.



Practice speaking the English you need so that you gain confidence, increase your vocabulary, and start expressing yourself authentically with comfort and ease.

Step 1



As your coach, I use my professional expertise to create a tailored world of English that fits your needs and learning ability so that you can focus on becoming the best English-speaking version of yourself.

Step 2



From our conversations, I create tailored Activation tasks that are designed to challenge and develop your ability to understand and produce English.

Step 3

More than just conversation

During each conversation, you will:

  • be encouraged to use English in new ways

  • learn from your mistakes

  • improve your flow and vocabulary

  • appreciate how much you already know

After each conversation, I will:

  • update your vocabulary list from our
    conversations for you to practice

  • create unique tasks to motivate your English development 

  • offer feedback and support

Each client gets free access to my app
This includes:

Thanks! I really enjoyed it.

Make sure to check your to-do list. 

You did a great job today : )

  • a personal calendar we can to keep you committed to your goal

  • your own chat so you can get in touch with your questions or thoughts

  • new vocabulary from our conversations for you to practice

  • awesome tasks that I post in your very own to-do list

Customer Reviews

Simon Notter, 24

"Die Gespräche zu den von mir gewünschten Themen, wie auch die Alltagsgespräche und die Grammatik-Inputs dazu, schätzte ich sehr."

Aufgrund der Corona Pandemie musste ich meinen Sprachaufenthalt abbrechen.


Um mein Englisch trotzdem zu verbessern, nahm ich bei Phil regelmässig Lektionen. Er ist ein sehr angenehmer und interessanter Gesprächspartner. Die Gespräche zu den von mir gewünschten Themen, wie auch die Alltagsgespräche und die Grammatik-Inputs dazu, schätzte ich sehr.


Mit den Konversationslektionen gelang es mir, meine mündlichen Sprachkenntnisse deutlich zu verbessern.


A trial conversation costs 40 CHF for 60 minutes.

Only pay if you decide to continue.

Price for 60 minutes, either in-person or online


Trail Conversation

A trial conversation costs 40 CHF for 60 minutes either in person or online.

Only pay if you decide to continue.

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