FAQs for Phil's Conversation

What is an English conversation teacher?


Good question! To separate my from what people usually associate with the term 'English teacher', I felt that as a conversation teacher, I bring with me an added benefit - the ability to communicate my abilities and experiences as a teacher through conversation. 


Am I am qualified English teacher?


Simple - Yes!


In 2014 I successfully complete my teacher training and have been teaching since 2014 at language schools across Zürich.


Can I have a conversation regardless of my English level?


In order to have a conversation in English, one has to know at least a little English. But if you're unsure of your level and ability, then the easiest way to know is to simply get-in-touch with me.


What can I talk about?


Anything, really! Our conversations are not limited to particular topics or issues. Our goal is help you practice and improve the English that will benefit you most in your specific domain.


Where do we meet?


Good questions! The wonderful thing about having a conversation is that we are free to speak wherever you feel most comfortable. Whether at home, in the office, at a café or by the lake, I offer you the choice for the same price. I also have a conversation space at Wehntalerstrasse 102 in Zürich.


How does payment work?


I currently offer monthly invoices which allows you to pay as you go, or packages for those who want a discount for commitment.


How do I contact you if I need to cancel a conversation?


Within the platform, you can directly communicate with me through the chat feature. If you need to cancel a conversation, please do so 24 hours prior to the scheduled conversation and you will not be charged.


Privacy - how is my data used?


Protecting your data is important to me. Apart from complying with Europe's new G.D.P.R. Privacy policy, we aim to give you full control of your data and privacy. It is important to mention that only you can connect with a teacher as well as disconnect from a teacher should you choose to do so. Your profile is private and only the teachers you choose to connect with can interact and engage with you. Teachers cannot search or contact students directly. For further information, please read our Privacy Policy.