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Give yourself the support you need so that your words are heard by those people who matter most.

Having trouble expressing your opinions, providing feedback, or sharing new ideas in English at work?

Wie kann ich Ihnen helfen?
As a former English teacher who taught Business English courses in both schools and businesses, I know the difference between the benefits of learning English and practicing English.
Learning English gives you the opportunity to understand how the language works and, in theory, even allows you to use it in certain situations.
However, practicing your English will give you the confidence you need to express yourself freely, even if you know your English is not perfect.
That's why I developed the Phil's Activation method to help you improve your ability to communicate in English through exercises that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

My three-step Activation Method will get you speaking

without thinking twice.



Practice speaking the English related directly to your profession so that you can express yourself with clarity and confidence.

Step 1



My support goes beyond just exercises and correcting mistakes. I offer you the support you need on the issues stopping you from using your English freely.

Step 2



From our conversations, I create tailored Activation tasks that are designed to strengthen your core English while expanding your overall communication skills.

Step 3

More than just conversation

During each conversation you will:

  • be encouraged to go deep into topics related to your job

  • learn to formulate your ideas clearly

  • improve your flow and vocabulary

  • appreciate how much you already know

After each conversation I will:

  • update your vocabulary list

  • create unique tasks to push your business English development

  • provide tailored feedback so that you learn from your mistakes

Customer Reviews

Nils Giese, 36

"His way of teaching is not like a school, it's like meeting a friend and having a good time."

Family and work take up so much of my time that there was not much time left for me. But thanks to Phil's flexibility there is always a way.


Whether we take a walk together or meet for lunch in a Café around the corner, Phil helps me to improve my English by letting me focus on the topics I want. Sometimes we go deep into a topic or we might even just discuss some gossip.


His way of teaching is not like a school, it's like meeting a friend and having a good time.


A trial conversation costs 50 CHF for 60 minutes.

Only pay if you decide to continue.


Trail Conversation

Wenn Sie das Formular ausfüllen, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, entweder ein
kostenloses 30-minütiges Beratungsgespräch oder ein 60-minütiges Probegespräch zu buchen.
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